Dr. Sunil Surve
Head of Department,
Department of Computer Engineering
Sunil Surve

Educational Qualification M.E. (Electronics)
Ph.D. in Robotics
Date of Birth May 18, 1965
Work Experience 6 Years Teaching
Area of Specilization Robotics
Object Oriented Analysis & Design
Subjects Taught Undergraduate Level:
Object Oriented Analysis & Design
Advanced Microprocessors
Intelligent Systems
Computer Organization & Architecture
Postgraduate Level:
Microprocessor I
Research Guidance Nil
Project Carried Out Conference Room Booking System
Microcontroller based Induction Heater
Online UPS
Shunt Motor Controller
Patents Nil
Technology Transfer
Research Publication

  1. Sunil Surve, Dr. N. M. Singh, "Coverage Path Planning based on Minimum Radius of Curvature"; in the Proceedings of International Conference on Recent Applications and Developments of Computer in Electrical Engineering, RACE'07
  2. Sunil Surve, Dr. N. M. Singh, and Dr. B. K. Lande, "A  Fast Coverage Algorithm for  Multiple Mobile Robots"; In the Journal of URVIS'2007 (in press)
  3. Sunil Surve, Dr. N. M. Singh, and Dr. B. K. Lande, "CPPA: A  Fast Coverage Algorithm"; In the Proceedings of International IEEE Conference on Intelligence Systems and Multi-media Applications, ICCIMA'07, 13-15 December 2007 (to be presented)
Books Published Nil
Teaching Advanced Microprocessors (B.E. Computer) (A) (Semester VII)
Theory: 4 Hrs.
Practicals: - 4 Hrs

Total Load:
Theory: 4 Hrs.
Practicals: 4 Hrs.