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Memcache::pconnect -- Open memcached server persistent connection


bool Memcache::pconnect ( string host [, int port [, int timeout]])

Memcache::pconnect() is similar to Memcache::connect() with the difference, that the connection it establishes is persistent. This connection is not closed after the end of script execution and by Memcache::close() function.

Also you can use memcache_pconnect() function. See example below.

Example 1. Memcache::pconnect() example


/* procedural API */
$memcache_obj = memcache_pconnect('memcache_host', 11211);

/* OO API */

$memcache_obj = new Memcache;
$memcache_obj->pconnect('memcache_host', 11211);


Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure.

See also Memcache::connect().