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Oracle® Database Lite Release Notes
10g (10.0.0)
Part No. B13814-01
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Release Notes

1 General Subjects
1.1 Translation for Mobile Manager Help Screens
1.2 Using webtogo.exe to Start Mobile Server
2 Modifications to the Getting Started Guide
2.1 Using Mobile Manager When Installed On Oracle9i Application Server Version 9.0.2
2.2 Installing Multiple Languages on a Single Machine
2.3 Mobile Server on a DHCP Server is Not Supported
2.4 What Version of Oracle9i Application Server or Oracle Application Server Can the Mobile Repository Interact With?
2.5 Configuring for Default Sync When Installing the Client
2.6 How Do You Encrypt All Databases for the Initial Sync?
2.6.1 Configuring on the Local Client for Automatic Encryption of Local Snapshots
2.6.2 Configuring on the Server for Automatic Encryption of Local Snapshots
2.7 JRE Requirement for a Branch Office Client
2.8 Enabling Branch Office on Windows XP Service Pack 2
3 Modifications to the Administration and Deployment Guide
3.1 Configuring OC4J to Handle Multibyte Characters in Online Web Applications
3.2 Custom Workspace Is Only Supported In Offline Mode
3.3 Troubleshooting An Out of Memory Error
3.4 File Deployment for Offline Instantiation
3.5 Modifications for Configuring and Using SSL
3.5.1 Which XML File Do You Modify for SSL?
3.5.2 Using an SSL Temporary Certificate with mSync
3.5.3 What is the Password for the SSL Sample Keystore?
3.5.4 Setting SSL for Java Application Communication
3.6 Using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to Enable Security for mSync
3.7 Enabling Device Software Updates
3.7.1 Enabling Major Software Updates for Your Device
3.7.2 Applying Patches or Minor Updates
3.7.3 Controlling Device Software Updates
3.8 What Options Can I Use Together With mSync?
3.9 How Do I View Synchronization Logs?
3.10 Creating Custom Mobile Device Platforms
3.10.1 Example of Creating a Custom Mobile Device Platform
4 Modifications to the Developer's Guide
4.1 Troubleshooting Consolidator Sequences That Are Not Working
5 Modifications to the Developer's Guide for Java
5.1 Enable Registry Support for Web Applications
5.2 Publishing PALM applications using Mobile Server Scripting Language
5.3 Setting SSL for Java Application Communication
5.4 Truncating Tables and Synchronization
6 Modifications to the Tools and Utilities Guide
6.1 String Overlap in Packaging Wizard UI for Windows 2003 Server
6.2 Changing the Sequence Increment Value in the Packaging Wizard is Not Allowed Once the Application Is Published
7 Modifications to the SQL Reference
7.1 SQL Limitations for Oracle Database Lite
7.2 Embedded SQL Commands
8 Documentation Accessibility